Summertime on Rose Hill

The Willing Helper News

Summertime and the Living was Easy

Summer was really summer this year. It provided us with lots of warm mornings, hot days and bright sunshine.

On those warm mornings and hot afternoons, lounging on the deck under the shade of our big umbrellas was the place to be. Everyone used the deck at their leisure but lots of planned activities were presented there as well.

Our annual picnic, held on June 21st , was the beginning of the fun. The picnic was hosted by the board with

entertainment by The Dream Catchers. The Dream Catchers, a local singing group, were the performers but as I

looked at the gathering, I saw no audience. The residents became performers as they sang along with the old familiar songs done by the group. The sound was music to our ears.

July was a hot one so we decided to cool down with a Hawaiian Luau complete with wading pools (for feet

only), beach balls, sand sculptures and everybody blowing bubbles. We had Tropical food for lunch and snacks

and drank Tropical drinks to keep us cool. The deck was decked out in flowers and a palm tree and several

people spotted board members wearing grass skirts and attempting a hula. Fun was had by all. Pictures are on display at the home. Come see!!

In August we continued the celebration of our 110 th Anniversary with the dedication of our rose garden in

memory of Rose Knox. Rose and her husband Charles gifted the Willing Helpers Society with our home in May

of 1907. Our rose garden was inspired by Rose’s love of yellow roses and her years of dedicated service to the

home. The dedication was attended by all of our residents, staff and board members. Our honored guests

included members of The Fulton County Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Vern Jackson and Senator James

Tedisco. The dedication was followed by tours of the home and our annual ice cream social on the deck.

The Cowboys rode in on September 13 th . The ladies roped horses and pinned tails on donkeys. Our cook served a real cowboy dinner and we ate trail mix and drank root beer for treats. We enjoyed a visit from a cowboy friend; Mo Lasses, and his wife Cook County Kate. They gave us some real facts about the Cowboy way of life.  Mo left his guns and his horse at home but told us about his adventures at the Cowboy Shoots that he and Kate enjoy. On closer inspection, we discovered that Mo and Kate were really Don and Kathy Nadler, friends of the home.

Summer also included three birthday celebrations, the Senior Picnic at the Concordia Club and a convertible

ride to Wemple & Edick’s for ice cream. We enjoyed music provided by The Betty Green Chorus and The Bell Tones, a Bell Choir from Liberty ARC in Amsterdam. All of these events were sandwiched between a busy

schedule of Worship Services, movies, exercise groups and simple fun and games planned by our activity


Summer flew away on the wings of nineteen Monarch Butterflies that we hatched and released from the deck

early in September. As summer ends we are looking forward to the cool crisp air of fall. Petunias are being

replaced by mums and the home is being readied for a fun filled fall.

As we enter the fall season, we are making plans for an Open House in Celebration of our 110 th Anniversary.

The Open House is scheduled for Sunday November 18 th 2018 from l:30-4:00. The event will include music,

treats, tours of the home and the much-anticipated drawing of the ticket for the winner of our beautiful Shoofly

Quilt on display at the home. You may see the quilt and purchase a raffle ticket at the home weekdays between

nine and four.

We look forward to seeing you at Open House but if you would like to see the home sooner, you may schedule

a tour by calling the home at 518-762-7719.

Be well and Happy,

The Family at Willing Helpers