Respite Care

Another First at Willing Helpers' Home for Women, Inc.

When we opened our doors in 1908 we were the first facility to offer permanent housing and care for elderly ladies in our community.  We are proud of that accomplishment because taking care of elderly women was the mission of our founders, the Willing Helpers Society.  We have continued to offer permanent homes for elderly women to this day.  However, as we looked around our community we realized that there were no services offered to people who need temporary care during the absence of their permanent caregiver.

With the same pride that we felt when we opened the first Adult Care Home for the elderly women of this community, we now announce with equal pride that we will now be the first facility to offer Respite Care for the elderly women of our community.

Respite Care at Willing Helpers is planned temporary care provided for adult women, age 60 or older, who are not able to live independently without supervision.  Our respite program provides temporary care at the Adult Care level for persons in need of care when a permanent caregiver is temporarily unavailable.

Persons seeking respite care at Willing Helpers must meet the qualifications for Adult Care placement as required by the New York State Department of Health.  

Those in need of Respite Care are welcome to stay with us as long as one hundred twenty days.  The fee for this service is $125 per day.

We know that most families take great joy in providing care for their loved one so they can remain at home with familiar people in a familiar environment.  However, we also know that providing that care can be confining and sometimes overwhelming for the family caregiver.  Respite provides a “short break” for the family caregiver and a safe, supportive and positive experience for those in need of care.

We look forward to offering this much needed service to our community.

If you need to talk to someone about respite care, please call the home at 518-762-7719 and ask for Tammy Kruger.

When you are ready to apply for Respite Care, please follow the instructions below.


How to Apply for Respite Care

Please complete the 3 required application forms:

   1. Application for Admission    2. Financial Statement     3. Medical Information

Near the bottom of this page is the opportunity to download each of these forms in PDF format.

To view a PDF, click on the word "download" that appears to the right of file name.  The file should appear on your screen momentarily.

To save or print a PDF, right click your mouse over the on-screen form.  A pop-up menu should appear. From the menu you can choose to save the file to your computer as a PDF file or print the contents of the file to your local printer.

Please fill out and sign each form and mail them in one envelope, to:

Willing Helpers’ Home for Women

ATTN: Tammy Kruger

226 W. Madison Ave.

Johnstown, NY 12095

If you have any questions regarding the forms,

please call Tammy Kruger, Manager, at 518-762-7719

or you can "drop us a line" from the "Contact Us" page.