Changing of the Guard

Cooter & Maddy

This summer, on a sad day not too long ago, the home said goodbye to its' beloved facility cat Cooter.  Cooter was almost 19 years old when the decision was made to put her to rest due to a cancerous tumor that was limiting her mobility and compromising her health and quality of life.  Tears were shed and sweet goodbyes were said by the many friends Cooter gained over the years of roaming the home.

Much by happenstance, not long after Cooters' passing, Megan, a part-time employee at Willing Helpers' and also a part-time employee at St Mary's Hospital, Amsterdam, noticed a stray black cat hanging out in the hospital parking lot over the course of a few days.   

She mentioned the stray to Tammy, the manager of the home, and the decision was made to bring the cat to the home and interview her for the now vacant facility cat job.  The applicant purred and played and chased the feather and did everything right.  She was awarded the job and officially named "Maddy".  

Maddy sat for pictures, as you can see, and now she roams the home, wearing the same mantle that facility cat Cooter proudly wore, thereby officially marking the "Changing of the Guard". (so to speak)

Maddy Facts:  Estimated to be 9 to 12 months old; all black, even her nose; recently given all her shots and spaded; loved by all!